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Which Country Will Be Right For Me?

How on earth does one choose?   Is there a calculator or scoring system?   Is there a check list?

We certainly hope not!   Life is meant to be a collection of experiences, ours to live or ours to shy away from.  Our wish is that you meet with our country experts and take the plunge with our packages. Very likely, you will find yourself becoming a modern day vagabond, globetrotting with RSI by your side.

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Ecuador coming soon.

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Sri Lanka

More countries coming soon

Life…. Experiences…. Customized

Portugal - Historical Center of Gulmaraes
Portugal – Historical Center of Gulmaraes
Portugal - Obidos
Portugal – Obidos
Sri Lanka - Golden Temple in Dambulla
Sri Lanka – Golden Temple in Dambulla
Country selection is not an easy decision and is driven by
  • a set of core practicalities,
  • life experiences,
  • yearning for opportunities lost (and found), and
  • an abiding curiosity regarding the human state.
RSI makes your selection process easier by our understanding that the world is indeed your oyster.

RSI helps you with the practical side of retiring overseas.

RSI knows that choosing a country means making decisions about the core practicalities of life.  These are often the easier ones to handle and run the gamut of

  • cost,
  • proximity or accessibility,
  • healthcare,
  • socio-cultural environment,
  • volunteer opportunities,
  • weather or climatic conditions,
  • tax considerations, and
  • the basic amenities of daily living.

RSI has invested considerable time and energy in leveling the playing field as it were and focused our efforts to countries and select areas within each country where these needs are met to a degree that allow for worry free living and therefore the ability to live life to the fullest. Indeed, life unleashed !!

Decision making requires exploring your options.

RSI is fully available to you as you explore your options.  We provide you with the customized support that you would expect from us.

  • The intensive eight day tours are tourist excursions and offer an overview of country and its people.
  • The three to six month immersion stays allow you to truly state that you have lived in a specific country.
  • Our destinations are selected with considerable thought and the country teams are led by country leads who either live in the country or have spent a considerable portion of their lives there.
  • With an initial footprint in Central America, The Mediterranean and South East Asia, our medium term goal is to expand to other countries in these regions and offer a cluster of country options in each region.

Our approach to helping you choose a country is approach is based on our experience that people tend to gravitate to a particular area as they sense a degree of comfort drawn from initial short tours and immersion stays.

RSI is with you every step of the way.

Understanding the complexity of successful transitions, RSI has designed a 3 phase relocation process to support decision making by providing comprehensive information, facilitated planning, and on-site engagement to introduce our clients to the reality of living abroad. Our support at each step assures wise decision-making while avoiding the pitfalls of doing it on your own.  RSI offers Retirement Packages that address the essentials: legal, immigration, real estate, insurance, banking, transportation, health care, food, language classes, and communications (phones, mailboxes, internet, cable).

RSI provides a progressive engagement —

  • Starting with a series of phone meetings to assess readiness to relocate, assess primary goals & values, and begin the process of planning a successful relocation and to identify a target country.
  • Next is a short (8 day) In-Country Tour which is focused on the process of relocation and introduces clients to the top places to live.
  • Followed by a 3-6 month Intensive In-Country Living Experience.
  • Finally RSI supports long-term in-country living with ongoing support, consultation, and problem-solving.

The process is designed to facilitate a smooth transition by addressing the key hurdles and challenges through vetted local professionals for advice on the basics and package living solutions to address the core living necessities.

RSI covers the basics so that our clients are free to focus on living in a new country, learning the customs and quirks, making new friends, and finding how they can engage their skills, talents, energy and passion in a new land. Indeed, to learn a new world with new eyes.

RSI helps “Boomers” and “Gen Xers”.

Choosing a country for retirement can seem intimidating regardless of your age or generation.  We at RSI belong to both the Boomer and Gen X age groups. Our thinking appears to be distilled rather well in thoughts such as this one;

 ‘Boomers’ are facing a demographic/life phase change: the transition from full time ‘standard’ career track work to the next part of our lives. Our parents called it ‘retirement’ and elected to shuffle into a gated ‘gray’ ghetto and settled into Canasta & golf before being carted off to nursing homes. In general, Boomers have always sensed the possibility for ‘more’ out of living than our parents’ lives. We tend to have the capacity and need to re-invent ourselves. This phase change is ripe for redefinition & re-framing. Retirement is not what this generation is looking for. Rather a chance for active engagement, discovery, recharge, and, yes, some adventure.

RSI understands this phase change and believes it also applies to Gen Xers  We have developed a unique response for the 40 -75 age group: facilitated overseas living. For the Gen Xers, it is opportunity to use your vacation breaks to travel to far flung destinations and plan for the future.

Relocation to a new country changes everything and fully engages the transplants’ full being in a way that that can be invigorating and rewarding. It is not for everyone. Relocation is not for those settled in their ways who yearn for the familiar.