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RSI Portugal Packages

What’s the right direction?

We understand that as people make their decisions about retirement and relocation, they are doing research and gathering information. Let us help you determine the right direction for you by meeting with our country experts. As our client, you can have extended conversations to ask your questions and gain a deeper understanding of the country, the many issues of relocation, and the support RSI will provide.
The meetings also give RSI an opportunity to better understand your interests, needs, wants and budget. Out of these conversations we will be able to develop a comprehensive mutual plan to guide next steps.

Where RSI Is Headed Next

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portugal retirement packages retirement services internatiional reitring overseas portugal panama sri lanka ecuador

Initial 8 Day Tour – Portugal

6 day/ 5 night road trip – We have selected a unique tour run by an seasoned team with a wealth of experience in exploring the country and introducing its people:

  • You will be with a small group of people (6 or less) with a similar interest in possibly relocating to Portugal.
  • You will gain a comprehensive exposure to the country, the areas expats are settling in, and what the country looks and feels and tastes like up-close and personal.
  • You will understand what is involved in living in Portugal – the pros and the cons, and the reality.
  • There are no sales or products pitched.

2 day debriefing and retirement/relocation planning session – At the end of the road tour, for those who wish to progress to the second stage, we provide you the time and resources to

  • Get your questions answered or get started with the steps to becoming a retiree.
  • Meet and begin to work with a Personal Concierge to help you develop a comprehensive plan, time line and a practical list for your deeper three month experience;
  • Learn about the RSI housing available and reserve a unit for your Intensive In-Country Living Stay.

Following your return to the US or country of origin, RSI will continue to be available to assist you to refine or modify your plan.

Price: $4,900 per couple plus airfare

portugal retirement packages retirement services international retiring overseas in portugal panama sri lanka ecuador

Intensive In-Country Stay

An intensive in-country living experience for at least 3 months is the best path to a successful overseas retirement. During your initial 8 Day Tour, RSI worked with you to construct a package which addresses the fundamentals of a three to six month stay. Now is the time to enjoy the result of that planning as RSI supports you!

  • RSI support at arrival, including transportation to your new (temporary) home, your RSI Base Camp,
  • An intensive 2 day application process for retirement visas or permanent residency, banking and healthcare for those who have prepared the appropriate documents,
  • RSI dining suggestions and help with sight seeing activities to explore the country,
  • Help with establishing relationships with local physicians and dentists,
  • A Personal Concierge who will check in with you periodically and be available for any questions or issues,
  • Periodic contact by RSI staff to see how you are doing and to make sure your needs are being met.

Our goal is to you have be comfortable and thoroughly enjoy your intensive introduction to living in Portugal.

At the end of your Intensive In-Country Stay, RSI will arrange for a debriefing to:

  • Help you choose your next step – extending your Intensive In-Country Stay in Portugal, choosing another RSI country, returning home to prepare for a long-term move to Sri Lanka or moving directly to retiring in Sri Lanka with RSI support.
  • Update your overseas retirement plan.
  • Develop a shared plan for the next phase;
  • Identify the additional support and services RSI can provide to facilitate your successful long term relocation to Portugal.

Price: TBD based on your plan and budget.


Estimated Monthly Costs at Retirement

By the time you have finished your intensive in-country experience, you will be confident in moving to the next phase of permanent retirement.

  • You will have experienced the pros and cons of living abroad.
  • You will know how to navigate the complexities of living in a different culture.
  • You will know the joys and beauty of Portugal and its people.
  • You will know who to call when you have a problem.
  • You will know if this is for you.

We have developed several packages for retiring in Portugal which we can adapt to your wants, needs, and budget. The estimated monthly costs of these packages are representative of average costs for each in-country location and type of housing. Your personal package will vary because your cost for certain expenses, such as health insurance and transport, may vary from the assumptions used in these representative purchase prices.


Illustrative Monthly Cost (two person couple)
Note: We are currently validating these costs and reserve the right to modify them. We don't expect the modifications to be significant.
Options:Big City ApartmentBeach HouseBeach CondoMountain LuxuryMountain House

These estimated monthly costs include lodging, transportation, house hold move, pets, and any residual legal, healthcare or other insurance issues in order to assure a smooth transition to a long term stay – everything except food or clothing.