There are many purveyors of relocation and retirement services. RSI is unique for many reasons:

  • We have developed an international and comprehensive approach to meeting the interests, needs and budget of each client.
  • RSI has an experienced and knowledgeable in-country staff for each country who will help you develop a realistic action plan for relocation and support each step of the way.
  • RSI is not selling real estate or investments.
  • We are laser focused on the successful relocation of our clients.

Our mission is to use our extensive knowledge of each country to assure a smooth and successful transition for each of our clients by anticipating the essentials at each step, solving problems as they arise.

overseas retirement consultation retirement services international consultation packages panama portugal sri lanka ecuadorConsultation – RSI understands that people make their decisions about retirement and relocation by doing research and gathering information.  As clients meet with our country experts, they can have extended conversations to ask their questions and gain a deeper understanding of the country, the many issues of relocation and the support RSI will provide.  These consultation meetings also give RSI an opportunity to better understand our customers’ interests, needs, wants and budget.  We then develop a comprehensive, mutually agreed-upon plan to guide the next steps.
8 day country tour retiring overseas retirement services international panama portugal sri lanka ecuador8-Day Country Tour – You can travel for 8 days in the country of your choice with one of our Country Managers as your guide.

  • The tours are focused on giving you a direct feel and experience of what areas are available, the housing alternatives and what the people, their customs and food are like.
  • You also will learn what is involved in relocation through workshops and meetings with local experts in getting permanent visas, legal matters including real estate, health insurance options and the local health care system, banking, shipping household goods and more practical relocation information.
  • This inclusive trip includes ground travel by an experienced driver, meals at typical restaurants to acquaint you with local foods, lodging at a variety of hotels.
  • It is not a typical tour of scenery or tourist places, though you will see plenty.
  • It is also not a sales pitch for local real estate.
  • The debrief at the end of the tour will synthesize the experience and begin the process of creating a detailed action plan for moving to the next phase of fulfilling your retirement dreams.

intensive in-country living retirement trial planning retirement services international panama portugal sri lanka ecuadorIntensive In-Country Stay (3 to 6 months) – Making the decision to retire and relocate overseas is complex.  RSI firmly believes that an intensive in-country living experience is the best path to successful overseas retirement.  We offer a variety of packages designed to:

  • Meet the basic support needs for a longer stay,
  • Take the guess-work and stress out of a DIY approach;
  • Allow you to focus on an in-depth experience of living in the country, meeting other expats and locals and getting to know how the country works.

RSI staff will support your individual action plan and periodically check in to solve problems and make sure all is on track.

retiring overseas concierge services retirement servicesStart Your Overseas Retirement Adventure – For those who make the decision to retire in one of our countries, our concierge service remains available to you throughout your time with RSI to help when needed as you acclimate to your new life in retirement.

Our experienced in-country staff can answer your questions and help as needed as you live out your overseas retirement dreams!

Each featured country has RSI staff which coordinates and supports RSI clients at each step of the way. Staff have extensive experience living in the country and a wide variety of contacts including ex-pats in each of the most popular places being settled. Our staff works with you to support the successful completion of your action plan.

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We Help You With All the Little Details

How Do I Stay Connected?

Retirement Services International provides concierge service to all of of our clients. We have employees and contractors in each of our countries to work with you and provide help and advice in navigating through the experience of relocating and living overseas. Our services include:

  • Visa and travel arrangements
  • Travel with a pet
  • Housing, grocery and other shopping
  • Banking
  • Medical facilities, doctors, prescriptions
  • Internet and phone accessibility
  • Household staff and other specialized needs
  • Driving or local transportation options
  • Social connections to ease into local society
  • Churches, charities and international organizations.

Where RSI Is Headed Next

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