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Do You Believe You Can’t Afford To Retire?

What happened to your dreams of retirement?

gettingStarted-planning_500x333Those dreams have been taken away from us for many reasons, some not of our own making.

47 percent of workers now expect to retire later than they previously thought, and 82 percent of workers 50 and older say it is at least somewhat likely they will work for pay in retirement.


You get more for your retirement dollars overseas.

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Retirement Services International set out to help people reclaim control of their future and their right to retire by developing packages that allow them to retire overseas at significantly lower monthly cost.

Specifically, we have developed several retirement packages in each of three locations – Panama, Portugal and Sri Lanka – and coming soon for Ecuador.  We work with you to adapt one of these packages to fit your needs and specific circumstances.

But we don’t stop at planning.  We join you at each step to explore whether or not retirement overseas is for you.

Watch an Overview of RSI


Have questions and want more detailed information?

We know that gathering information and doing research is critical to how people make their decisions about retirement and relocation. We give you the opportunity to meet with our country experts and have extended conversations to ask your questions and gain a deeper understanding of the country, the many issues of relocation, and the support RSI will provide.

Complementary Consultative Phone Conversation

Call us at 888-887-9639 to schedule a one (1) hour phone conversation with our USA staff. You can speak with a Retirement Services International staff member for up to one hour to familiarize yourself with us and to get answers to any initial questions you have about us, our process, initial country questions, and what you should expect during the process. This call is complementary.

Try one of our Consultative Packages

We want the opportunity to better understand your interests, needs, wants and budget so that we can develop a comprehensive mutual plan to guide next steps. We offer the following consultation packages to get you started on the road to your life adventures.  These packages are refined on an ongoing basis as we incorporate input from our membership.

Basic Consultative Package:
Meet with one of our country experts and benefit from their in-country expertise either via phone / Skype or in-person.  These specialists either live in the destination country or have traveled there extensively and have a broad array of experience.  They are not available for emergency assistance, but are dedicated to answering your questions and helping you as you plan your overseas retirement.
This package includes up to four (4) hours of one-on-one time as scheduled based on your convenience.  The four (4) hours are split into two (2) sessions of two (2) hours each.


Subscription Consultative Package:
Very similar to the Basic Consultative Package, but provides on-going support for a year as you plan your overseas retirement.  Retirement planning is often an iterative process with plans changing as you learn more information. This Subscription Package includes one (1) session of up to two (2) hours each month.

Price: $1,250 annually or $125 billed monthly

*Financial and money management is not within the scope of RSI’s services.  However, we will provide referrals to a small team of licensed professionals as you explore your options for embarking upon your life adventures.

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