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We Are With You Every Step Of The Way

We Offer Full Service Concierge Retirement Services

RSI has developed a phased process to enhance successfully retiring overseas. The goal is to provide you with comprehensive knowledge and resources and an initial base from which to get to know the country and its culture so that you can reclaim your retirement and begin the next part of your adventure.

Getting started in a new country can be a daunting process.RSI is here to smooth the way and get you comfortably settled. We do this by first providing you an introductory tour of the country from the perspective of relocation, followed by a longer and deeper experience of living in the country for at least a three month block of time.

The retirement/relocation decision flows easily from that planning, knowledge, and real life experience. We invite you to join us in a shared adventure of redefining your life and reclaiming your retirement.

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services-landing-housing_400x300 During the 8 Day Tour, you will meet with RSI country experts to discuss the RSI housing available in different areas for the Immersion In-Country Stay. RSI has long term leases at each of the key locations and you will have the opportunity to reserve your unit. These “RSI Base Camps” are comfortable places from which to explore the surrounding area and get to know the community.

Adjusting to different foods can be challenging, so RSI helps you with providing food preparation by a local chef during the Immersion Stay.  You will also be given detailed local guides of your area including restaurants and stores to ease your transition to a new culture.


RSI recognizes that health care issues can become significant in retirement.  During our 8 Day Tour and the Immersion Tour, you will be introduced to medical facilities and physicians that are important to your well-being or may become important.  We also help you determine how to meet any specialized needs that you may have.

We will have you meet with an insurance broker to better understand healthcare options for retirees and expats in your chosen country and help you with the process of applying for healthcare insurance.


services-landing-money_400x268RSI will connect you with a local attorney who will guide you through the legal steps to get a permanent residence that is right for you in the country of your choice.  The attorney will be available to answer questions on starting businesses, taxes, employment, purchasing real estate, etc. depending on your needs and interests.

We will also introduce you to local banking and the documents necessary to set up local accounts. As needed, our 8 Day Tour and Intensive Country Stay helps familiarize you with the local currency.


services-landing-internet_400x320Full services are provided during the 8 Day Tour and during your Immersion Stay.  We know how important communication with friends and family is and work to provide the most cost effective options for internet and phone as well as creating a PO Box for mail and package delivery.

Local options for electric and other utilities are presented to ensure an easy transition to the support infrastructure you need for your comfort and safety.  RSI living facilities available to you as our client are designed to have all of the ‘comforts of home’.


services-landing-social_400x285Connecting with the local community is key to enjoying your Intensive In-Country Stay and your retirement years spent in the country of your choice. Our in-country experts have the knowledge, experience and contacts to assist you in making your own connections.

RSI staff will provide extensive local guides to the area culture, tours, entertainment, festivals and other activities.  You will be introduced to local communities and expats in the area.


services-landing-relocationFor those ready to move to the Relocation Phase, RSI will work with you to create a personal plan for relocation and develop a package to support your interests, wants, needs and budget.

The plan will address your household move including the important four-legged members of your family.  Information on shipping household goods and more practical relocation tips are provided during the Intensive In-Country Stay by RSI country experts.