Renting Cars and Driving in Panama Can Be Challenging!

     This cautionary tale of adventure is one we hope to avoid for RSI clients!

I needed a car rental for a week and found a cheapo rental agency online figuring, what the heck…I decided to rent a car at the National Airport, Albrook, since it is closer and a transportation hub. More…


The Drop Off….  The rental car adventure continues

I spent a week driving the dinged up, but basically mechanically intact Sentra around- trying to avoid the dark. It was time to return it and fly back to the US for a while. I had a ninety minute drive ahead of me, but was going back at morning commute time and I had no idea how bad the bridge traffic would be going into the City. More…


Rental Townhouse – 3BR,
3Bath 3 blocks from beach on Rio Mata-Ahogado (kill-drown) Mar 17- April 21, 2014

Found this gem through TryPanama Real Estate. I really needed a base. A place to unpack and stay for awhile. Ideal because it is half-way between Penonome and Panama City. So I can go into town for meetings easily and still get up to El Dabaibe in Penonome.

Palmar is a tiny beach town with 2 rows of houses and a few small hotels. More…


Palmar Beach, The Unit

The unit is part of a 6 townhouse development at the end of a short lane (6th North) on a small river with a great Quipo tree at the end. Built by a Canal pilot who still has a unit and visits often, it has a live-in watchman/gardener, Victor, and a small pool and a thatched cabana with hammocks. More…


On the Road in Sri Lanka, by Wendy Petersen

While taking a day trip to Sigiriya Rock Fortress, an ancient palace in Sri Lanka, our driver, Prem, who had been with us all week, stopped the car for a small break. My mom, Prem and I got out and walked over to the coconut stand, where we purchased a refreshing drink for about $.50.

Our drink came in the form of a raw coconut that had been plucked from the tree above us. More…


On the Road in Sri Lanka – By Wendy Petersen

This experience, drinking a fresh coconut that was plucked from the tree beside our car had me thinking that it doesn’t get much more ‘organic’ than this. As I was crawling into the back-seat of our car, our driver, Prem, pointed out something to my mom and me.  One of the trees beside the car had white streaks coming down it, out of the bark. More…

fondas restaurants dining panama retirement services international retiring in panama overseas retiring

One of the great finds, especially in the countryside, includes the little restaurants known as Fondas. They are usually family run, open for breakfast and lunch, and provide basic typical hot meals for the working people. These places are the food mainstays of most towns where you can get a quick, filling hot meal for $3-4.00 USD.

Fondas are ubiquitous and a great alternative to the proliferating American brand fast food places that usually cost double what Fondas charge while also giving us that soulless ambiance that many of us avoid even in the US. More…


It took me awhile …. quite a while and maybe more as I trolled the web, scouring searches of international living, overseas relocation, retirement overseas, life overseas, top ten lists and Panama retirement before I stumbled upon RSI. I knew I wanted to live on extended stays in various countries and catch up on my bucket list. Living in a country is very different from travel as a tourist. After several conversations with the team at RSI I think they will serve me well as my great enabler on my journeys. More…