Panama Beach, Panama – Part 1

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Rental Townhouse – 3BR,
3Bath 3 blocks from beach on Rio Mata-Ahogado (kill-drown) Mar 17- April 21, 2014

Found this gem through TryPanama Real Estate. I really needed a base. A place to unpack and stay for awhile. Ideal because it is half-way between Penonome and Panama City. So I can go into town for meetings easily and still get up to El Dabaibe in Penonome.

Palmar is a tiny beach town with 2 rows of houses and a few small hotels. The Bay View is on the beach and has a restaurant right on the beach. One of few in the whole Arco Seco beach sector from Chame to Penonome. The others cater to surfers.

The Beach

Blog3_photo_309x207The beach is a mix of volcanic black sand and coral for interesting patterns. Lots of rocks at low tide, and a barrier sand dune separating the river before it enters into the ocean. It is fairly clean, but I am tempted to start bringing a garbage bag with me to pick up the miscellaneous plastic flotsam & jetsam. The other end of the beach is remarkable with a steep slope and the houses bordering the beach have built sea walls which block the beach at high tide. There seems to be good public access, but minimal parking. Week days the beach is nearly empty with a few surfers along the break. On the weekend, the entry to the beach is manned by a crew that charges a toll for parking. Walk-ins are free. And the place is packed with mostly Panamanians up from the City.

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