Why Retire Overseas?

Home_WhyOverseas_400x254There are many good reasons, but the primary reason is financial. The cost of living in many countries throughout the world is significantly less than here in the U.S.

People who thought they couldn’t afford to retire are finding that they can retire. Others are finding that their lifestyle and standard of living overseas will be much richer and more enjoyable than in the U.S.


Life… Adventures…. Customized

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What Country?

sri lanka sunset retirement services international retiring overseas sri lanka panama portugalAfter much research, we select our countries carefully with the retiree in mind. It doesn’t matter where in the world you want to live, we’ve got you covered.

The countries we select have very affordable living costs, moderate climate, a stable government, expat-friendly government and people, and state of the art health care.

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Why RSI?

gondolas in portugal retirement services international retiring overseas portugal panama sri lankaRSI is the only company that provides concierge services to help retirees retire overseas. We have developed several packages in each country with different living options (city, country, beach, or mountains) and work to adapt one of these packages to your lifestyle desires, and your budget.

We help you navigate through the labyrinth of regulations, laws, and options involved in becoming an expatriate and introduce you to lawyers, insurance specialists, and other experts to help you with the process.

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Where RSI is Headed Next

ecuador retirement services international retiring overseas next country after panama sri lanka portugal

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Getting Started Is As Easy As…

retirement services international how we work services 1
Join us for a Consultative Session where we can help you plan your overseas retirement and show you the options available.
retirement services international relocating and retiring overseas step 2 intensive country tour

Take the 8 Day Tour in the country that you choose to let you experience the country and attend workshops designed to answer your questions about retiring and moving to your new home.
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retirement services international concierge services for retiring overseas country tours panama sri lanka portugal ecuador
Experience day-to-day life in your new country through our 2 to 3 month Immersion Tour. We have knowledgable and experienced staff to help you transition to your new home.
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